Additional Inscriptions

Here at Prestige Memorials, we can offering some of the most bespoke services available to you. This extends to additional inscription works as well as new memorials. Our traditional craftsmen will ensure the memorial is loving removed prior to an internment and can liaise with the local authority or funeral director on your behalf.

We will happily store the memorial with you, in our insured secure premises, to ensure that your loved ones memorial is safe from harm throughout the duration.

When you are ready we can then look at the additional inscription that you wished to have on the stone. We will identify the original form of engraving and will ensure to match this for you. We will as a matter of course reinstate the memorial using the latest British Standard approved methods, ensuring an approved ground anchor system is installed, and issue a new guarantee on the workmanship.

As a family business we understand the importance of getting these decisions right for the whole family and generations to come. At Prestige Memorials we will never rush a decision, or insist on a decision. Please feel free to contact us and have a chat about your requirements.

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So please with the additional inscription work. Thank you for making a very difficult time easy.

Jeffery HadcockInscription